Is your tenant wanting a rent reduction due to COVID-19?


then download my


5 ways to prevent losing rent

during COVID-19

And discover 5 steps you can take right now (even during this crisis) to prevent rent loss!!!

In this guide, you'll discover...

Solutions to help your tenant access Grants from the Victorian Government

How you can access discounts to taxes from the Victorian Government. 

How does Hardship work and what changes have been introduced into Parliament.

Melanie Dennis

Diferent ways to structure help for your tenants during COVID-19. 

Melanie’s road to success is as inspirational as it is ambitious.


From the humble beginnings of her lounge room with four properties under management to over 700 today, Melanie truly is a pioneer in the real estate industry.


Her point of difference includes innovation, watertight procedures, a proactive nature, unique department structure, and consistent high levels of service.

This could save you thousands of $$$

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