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Understanding the Sales Contract or Section 32

Have you ever looked at a sales contract and not been able to make heads or tails of it?

They can be so confusing – what should you be looking out for and do you know all the terms they refer to?

When purchasing a property this is the key document that helps you to make sure you know what you are purchasing.

Melissa Patterson from Argent Law features in Domain & Co. Professional Property Series to talk to us about how to go about understanding the Vendors Statement so you can make the calculated decisions about your next purchase.

Click on this link to enter your details to receive the cheat sheet on Vendors Statements as promised in the email.

The Melanie Dennis Proffesional Property Series will come to you with a new professional interviewed by Mel each Thursday at 8pm and loaded to - then our YouTube channel shortly after.

Next week Kate Yeowart from Strata Equity Management will be talking with Mel on the different types of ownerships in Owners Corporations.


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