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Lot Liability & Entitlement for Owners Corporations

Owners Corporation liabilities and entitlements can be super confusing. Do you own a property in an OC and are not sure why you pay more or less than your neighbour? Have you had payouts you do not know how were calculated? Are you left wondering what you will have to pay after each AGM?

Kate Yeowart from Strata Equity features in tonight’s Professional Property Series to talk to us about Lot Liability & Entitlements for Owners Corporations to help cut through all of the confusion.

Click on this link if you would like any more information about Owners Corporations and I will introduce you to the OC extraordinaire Kate straight away!

My Professional Property Series will come to you with a new professional interviewed each Thursday at 8pm……next week Ravi from Investa Projects will be talking with me for our Part 1 of Investment Property Flooring Options.



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