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Myself, Warwick Brookes who is a veteran Advocate with over 20 years experience and our team will make sure that your property experiece will be as stress free as possible.  

Buying Property

Our Buyer Advisory service brings an entirely new approach to purchasing property.

We believe buying a property should be an exciting experience, not a stressful one.

Most people only buy property once or twice in their lifetime. There’s a lot of money and emotion involved, and it can be intimidating. Just as you would engage an Accountant to help with your tax, it makes sense to engage a professional when making what is possibly the biggest investment you’ll ever make.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or investing for the first time, securing the right property is vital for its long-term success and your financial future. We’ve saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by negotiating advantageous terms; through our experience, local knowledge and expertise. 

We eliminate common purchasing mistakes and do all the hard work for you – research, reports, attending open-for-inspections, negotiating, bidding, and more.

Buying property doesn’t need to be an overwhelming process; we remove the angst, saving you time and money. We’re impartial, objective and, above all, independent; we work solely for you. 

Selling Property

Our Vendor Advisory service brings an entirely new approach to selling your property.


Essentially, we manage the whole selling process from start to finish on behalf of you and your selected selling agent.


Our vast knowledge of real estate agents across Melbourne allows us to make wise recommendations on who to use when selling your property, coordinating and advising appraisals to help you select the right person for you.


We answer the tricky questions and explain all your options independently, calmly and thoroughly, with the common goal to achieve the highest price and best terms possible. 


We give you essential advice and assistance on marketing, advertising, agent commission, paperwork, open for inspections and more, coordinating all communication with the selling agent on your behalf.


Importantly, our service incurs no cost to you. In fact, in most cases we save you money by negotiating favourable terms with your selected agent. We do get paid for our service – the fee you pay the selected selling agent is simply shared with us.

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