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Maintaining Your Grout & Tiles

Regular proactive maintenance on an investment property is easily forgotten – out of sight out of mind right! That is until you have a water leak to the apartment below yours, or in the case of the property in this interview swollen skirting boards around the shower!

All of a sudden you find yourself replacing rather than just repairing or maintaining…..and that is much more expensive and usually means no rental income for the period of repair.

My interview with Richard Seth from Tile Rescue (Caroline Springs) tonight goes through the benefits of maintaining the tiles and grout in your bathrooms and the seals around the sinks and baths.

To receive my full recommendations for proactive maintenance on your property to keep the ongoing maintenance to a minimum, click here

My Professional Property Series will come to you with a new professional interviewed each Thursday at 8pm……next week we will hear from Mike Mortlock from MCG Quantity Surveyors on how to start preparing for the end of your tax year


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